Busting the Myths

Permit us to expose these common management company myths for what they are, myths. You can be 200% sure in hiring Food First Culinary Associates to manage your food service needs.

Myth 1

Your current employees lose jobs.


Food First realizes our best resources for success are the knowledge and experience your current employees have. We work with you to assess the abilities of your current staff and make training suggestions, that will make them more valuable to the program.

Myth 2

Management companies have a “cookie cutter” approach.


We are agile enough to meet every particular program’s customized needs. We create unique concepts and menus based on patron and stakeholder input, to insure increased participation and customer satisfaction.

Myth 3

You’ll lose control.


Assessing your current program’s strengths and weaknesses, allows us to partner with you to develop and reach your desired goals. We don’t control your operation, we use our experiences to recommend what will make your operation successful and your students happy.

Myth 4

The management company will take control of my money.


State and Federal Guidelines regulate an FSMC’s (Food Service Management Company) income. We don’t control your money, you do. We offer flat fees and transparent costs, that allow you to know and understand exactly what you are paying for.

Myth 5

FSMC’s costs more.


Working with an FSMC will more than likely save you money. Our corporate buying power alone will allow you to serve the freshest, highest quality products, at an affordable price. Program efficiencies and payroll solutions, that we bring to the table, will also help to resolve financial hurdles.