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Partnering with Food First Culinary Associates, puts you in partnership with our network of trained professionals, including dietitians, purchasing professionals, human resources, and more. We will assist you in managing your cafeteria staff, whether they are your payroll, or you decide to place them on ours. We coach, train and develop staff, to make them top performers in the industry. We commit to their success as well as ours in keeping promises of customer satisfaction and program sustainability. Other food service management companies do not possess our agility to conform to your every needs, or the break from traditional management thinking that we do.

Who We Serve

K-12 Schools

Wholesome trays every day

We prepare foods that go into mouths and not the trash. We understand students want trendy relevant products, parents want balance and nutrition, and administrators want to please both groups, while operating a compliant and self-sustaining program. Food First will partner with you to meet the needs of all stakeholders. We know making healthy life choices starts at an early age. Our pledge to serve only the freshest and best, makes us a leader in nutrition. Our established concepts and programs, ensure the well-being of not only students, but also faculty and staff. Students can refuel, recharge, and re-nourish in a welcoming, friendly, and caring environment.

Parents choose independent schools for the unequalled education they offer. Your food service should be unequalled as well. Offer your students, faculty, and staff the freshest highest quality products available. All menu offerings are prepared fresh daily by our professional chefs. Special needs? No problem. We are agile enough and experienced enough, to accommodate any special need. Just like your student-focused services, our programs can be customized to suit your unique needs.

Independent Schools

Dining as unequalled as your school

Higher Education

The best food in town is on campus

Food First Culinary Associates stays abreast of the latest trends in taste. Providing a variety of both health and trend conscious choices designed especially for your students. From traditional favorites, emerging Asian, popular branded concepts, flatbreads, and more.Diverse student populations have a taste for ethnic, religious, and nutritious meals. We assist you in recognizing their specific needs and providing menus that meet their expectations.We will work with you to develop concepts and promotions that will drive student excitement and drive participation.

Our Menus

Our menus cater to the tastes of today’s students.  From traditional favorites made from the highest quality products, to more creative trending solutions that appeal to older students parents will be envious of what their kids are eating for lunch.

Fresh Breaded Cod Sandwich

Fresh, flaky, Alaskan Cod Filet hand breaded in a crisp medium breading on a bed of fresh leaf lettuce. Served with 3 hush puppies and a crisp, flavorful coleslaw.

Kimchi Potsticker with Wild Rice

Four plump kimchi potstickers in tender vegetable stir fried rice. Served with fresh, crisp, sliced apple.

Chicken Tender Sandwich

Full muscle southern style chicken tenders with fresh tomato and crisp lettuce. Served with crispy sweet potato fries and a slice of juicy watermelon.

Why Food First Culinary Associates?

The freshest, minimally processed products, prepared to the highest possible quality, served by a well-trained and courteous staff is the key to our and your programs success and growth.

Exciting, New, Relevant, Kid Friendly concepts that puts food in mouths and not in the Trash.

We are small and agile enough to meet your particular program needs, yet experienced enough to tackle any sized program

Philosophy that quality products and outstanding service is our norm.

We possess a new and different type of management philosophy from traditional Food Service Management Companies, that produces superior results.

Superior vendor and manufacturer relationships translating into great pricing and buying power.

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